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Creating art has been apart of Molly's life for as long as she can remember. Working in stone, clay, salt, and other mediums act as a vessel for her to express ideas to the world. Growth is a reoccurring theme in Molly's work that often reflects nature, human growth, and her consciousness. She is fascinated by the seasons of life that push us forward into either growth or stagnancy. As an observer of nature, she sees the similarities of growth occurring around and the human experience. Working with natural materials helps Molly to connect the parallels of growth between the two.

Molly completed her bachelor’s degree in art and psychology at Mount Mercy University and also attended SACI College of Art and Design in Florence, Italy. This opportunity to view some of the world's greatest works of art deepened her understanding of the impact art can have on those who observe and appreciate it. She believes art has the power to change the world because it changes us.

Inspiration from being in nature, particularly among the trees, bodies of water, and healing herb gardens are embedded in Molly’s work. She also finds this through the female form and human connections, especially the many sweet moments with her children. The bond of mothers and their children is deeply close to her heart and she captures that in some of her pieces.

As life long learner and one who is curious always, Molly also has certifications as a doula and in childbirth education. Here, she has been able to study and observe the emergence of life and bonds that connect us. She lives with her husband and three amazing kids in Pennsylvania. She spends much of her time creating with her children, discovering the gift of nature, and admiring the process of growth all around her.

Shows and Exhibitions

2023 Lancaster County Art Association

2020 Artist Equity Cheltenham Center for the Arts, Cheltenham PA

2020 Bristol Art Museum, Bristol RI

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