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Destined To Create

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

I have always felt the most alive when I am creating. I was always drawn to art and felt the most "myself" in the moments when I'm working on an art piece. After college, I left to do service work in Africa and came home with an illness that would change my life and its direction. I sought holistic treatment and saw great recovery but I longed to "create" while I was on this journey. I had it in my mind that if I was not laboring and sweating making sculptures then I was simply not being creative. After much frustration, I realized that changing my lifestyle, food, and home to a healthier state was creating a better version of myself. All that time in the kitchen trying new recipes, making my own everything, it was all creating. I was creating new elements of myself and bringing forth old elements that needed some tending. I was beginning to understand that a physical piece of art was not the only way to express oneself. Creativity means so much more to me now and it helps me to slow down and see that each moment in life is something we take part in making. It can be so many things; making a sculpture, painting, fermenting delicious foods, baking healthy recipes, dancing with my kids, gardening, walking barefoot in the mud with my kids, or sharing a special moment with a loved one. My heart is still to make sculptures as it gives me life, but I can also see that in the moments where I am not able to create something from rock, salt, or clay, I can choose to be present in my moment and create something special, regardless of what it is. Art is those beautiful moments we create. I choose to capture them as often as I can.

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