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The Resiliency of Growth

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

The foundation of my work reflects the resiliency of growth. I am interested in growth in nature, cycles of life, and the human experience. I often reflect shapes found in nature, the female form, and the dance between them. I am also intrigued by the growth of human life and motherly nurturing.

We grow to live and grow to die. It is inevitable and we can choose to embrace the changes of life that bring this upon us and grow with them or limit the natural process. Every living thing is in the process of growth as it is the one thing that never changes. My work often wraps around each other as though they are grown together because we can not escape the change that occurs but can lean into the shape and move with it. My journey of personal growth and freedom has helped me to create new lines and movement in myself that is mirrored in my work as well.

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